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Content structure & course outlines

Our material is broken down into the below modules

  1. Financial accounting-we have 3 levels in this category as explained below

    • Beginner- Entry level introduction to accounting concepts
    • Intermediate- For persons with a fair amount of knowledge of accounting and who want to learn more and those progressing from our beginner level of tutorials.
    • Advanced- For persons with intermediate accounting knowledge and who would like to advance their skills and knowledge.
  2. Cost accounting - We discuss in depth cost analysis and management in an enterprise to ensure profitability.
  3. Management accounting - We discuss in detail management strategies,decision making process among other topics in regards to managing an enterprise sustainably and profitably.
  4. Free Research writing guide- The ultimate free online research writing guide for post graduate students,researchers and professionals..
  5. Blog - This section contains short description of accounting keywords with brief examples.It serves as a quick reference for specific answers the consumer is looking for.
  6. Practice Questions- In this section real life examples are discussed and solutions demonstrated.This helps to guide learners and professionals in their day to day requirements.

Latest Posts

  1. 18-Mar-2023 - Direct overhead apportionment method
  2. 18-Mar-2023 - Secondary overhead cost allocation methods
  3. 18-Mar-2023 - Combination overhead cost allocation method
  4. 12-Mar-2023 - Weighted proportion of direct costs overhead allocation method
  5. 12-Mar-2023 - Proportion of direct costs overhead allocation method
  6. 12-Mar-2023 - Rate of specific direct job cost overhead allocation method
  7. 12-Mar-2023 - Rate of total direct job costs overhead allocation method
  8. 12-Mar-2023 - Primary overhead cost allocation methods
  9. 09-Mar-2023 - Allocation and apportionment of overhead cost (departmentalization process)
  10. 08-Mar-2023 - Classification of overhead costs-using production volume-based criteria
  11. 08-Mar-2023 - Classification of overhead costs-using nature of activity-based criteria
  12. 19-Jan-2023 - Process costing - byproducts
  13. 19-Jan-2023 - Joint product cost apportionment using net realizable sales value method
  14. 19-Jan-2023 - Joint product cost apportionment using sales value method
  15. 19-Jan-2023 - Joint product cost apportionment using physical unit method
  16. 19-Jan-2023 - Process costing - joint products
  17. 18-Jan-2023 - Process costing-single product WIP with average valuation method
  18. 18-Jan-2023 - Process costing-single product WIP with FIFO valuation method
  19. 18-Jan-2023 - Process costing-single product with work in progress
  20. 18-Jan-2023 - Process costing-single product with abnormal gain
  21. 17-Jan-2023 - Process costing-single product with abnormal loss
  22. 17-Jan-2023 - Process costing-single product with normal loss
  23. 17-Jan-2023 - Process costing-single product with no loss or gain
  24. 16-Jan-2023 - Process costing-definition, specific objectives,types of process costing, principles
  25. 16-Jan-2023 - Service costing method- definition, objectives, characteristics, applicability,adv and disadvantages

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